Adthos – The AI Audio Platform


Supercharge Your Ad Sales with AI

Generate high-quality Audio Advertising in no time using the Adthos Self-Service portal. Simply submit a short briefing via the portal, and using AI technology, Adthos will generate the script, adding AI voices, sound effects and music, resulting in a fully AI-produced ad that’s available as Spec spot or to be played out instantly. For advertisers and smaller broadcasters, this offers huge improvements in time and cost efficiency of production, while publishers can offer customers a true self-serve ad buying experience while supporting long-tail revenue streams through microtransactions. Adthos empowers you to create multi-voice, fixed-length ads with ease, featuring Emmy-nominated, top-notch voice talent for unparalleled audio quality. Experience the difference for yourself and compare voice quality with confidence as Adthos brings the best in AI-driven audio advertising to your campaigns.

Ignite your Creative Process with AI

Adthos offers incredible optimization making processes more streamlined and efficient, and elevating your creative potential. Discover the advancements in AI Audio technology, including AI Voices, Overdubbing, Voice Conversion, Source Separation, Noise Removal, Audio Processing, and Music Selection. Utilize our cloud-based audio platform to enable seamless collaboration among teams. Leverage Dynamic Data to bring your vision to life with ease and unlock the full potential of your creative projects!

Voice Technology To revolutionize News Broadcasts

Boost your news broadcasting capabilities using Adthos’ AI-enhanced platform, offering smooth integration with Newsroom systems such as Burli and NewsBoss. Produce high-quality audio content for weather, traffic, and sports reports instantly, complete with quotes and clips in multiple languages. Leverage data-driven weather and traffic information, along with hyper-localized news to cater to diverse audiences. Adthos’ superior synthetic voice technology delivers natural and professional-sounding news, preserving the credibility and high standards expected by your audience. Embrace unrivaled efficiency and reach a wider audience with state-of-the-art AI technology.




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