Vetting and Safety Procedures

Adthos is committed to ensuring that our cutting-edge AI technology is used responsibly and ethically in the media industry. We understand the potential risks associated with AI-generated content, particularly in the context of fake news and deep fakes. In order to maintain the highest standards of integrity and protect the interests of our clients, we have implemented stringent policies and procedures to prevent the misuse of our platform.

Responsible AI Use:
At Adthos, we strive to promote the responsible use of AI for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows across media organizations. Our technology is designed to empower users in creating authentic, high-quality content while adhering to ethical guidelines and industry best practices.

No Fake News or Deep Fakes:
We have a strict policy against the use of our platform for the creation or dissemination of fake news and deep fakes. We believe that maintaining the trust of our clients and their audiences is paramount, and we work diligently to ensure that our technology is not exploited for malicious purposes.

Vetting Procedure for Customers:
To safeguard our platform and its users, we require all customers to undergo a comprehensive vetting procedure before being granted access to our services. This process involves verifying the identity and legitimacy of each client, as well as assessing their intended use of our technology. This ensures that only reputable organizations with a genuine need for our services are permitted to utilize our platform.

Restrictions on Anonymous Users:
Adthos does not allow anonymous users or those using personal email accounts to access our platform. We have implemented this policy to prevent potential misuse of our technology and to maintain a secure, professional environment for our clients.

In conclusion, Adthos is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of ethical AI use in the media industry. By implementing robust policies and procedures to combat fake news and deep fakes, we aim to foster a trusted, responsible environment for our clients and their audiences. Our commitment to responsible AI ensures that our platform remains a reliable and secure solution for creating authentic, high-quality content that meets the evolving needs of media organizations worldwide.




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