The Adthos Story

A  new dawn in Audio Advertising

Adthos was released for the first time  in June 2021, offering first-of-a-kind ad-serving technology specifically created for radio and online streaming. A lightweight yet powerful addition to any existing traffic or playout system, allowing digital audio and radio to be sold seamlessly within a single integrated campaign.

But who or what is Adthos? Our original epic  teaser campaign video introduced  – tongue in cheek –  the story of Adthos to the world:

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The Power of the Voice

Just a few months later came the second release, Adthos Creative Studio,  the world’s first browser-based Digital Audio workstation that also brought broadcast-quality, AI-generated synthetic voice technology to the market for the very first time, with synthetic voices that have been specifically trained for use in audio advertising.

Our popular teaser campaign for Creative Studio featured  a very high profile appearance…or did it?:

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In its first year,  the team behind  Adthos have brought many firsts to the market, and since then has  been consistently and independently recognised for their achievements, with industry prizes including:

And there’s so much more to come!




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