Voice Technology for Interactive Video

Voice Technology for Interactive Video

Power up your multimedia campaigns with Adthos. Quickly and easily create and edit audio tracks, including translations, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing video files.


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The Adthos Platform empowers publishers and advertisers to captivate audiences using state-of-the-art AI and synthetic voice technology.

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Translation Tool

Translate your script into multiple languages to quickly and easily expand your audience

Paquetes de voces premium

Elija de entre más de 40 voces: voces generadas por IA, actores de voz profesionales o incluso talentos ganadores de los Emmy.

Publicidad Focalizada

Segmentación geográfica avanzada e inserciones de datos dinámicos – el anuncio correcto, en el lugar correcto, en el momento correcto. Siempre.

Enjoy Funciones Benefits

Adthos for video offers an array of benefits for multimedia ad campaigns

Complete Flexibility

Generate as many versions of your audio track as you need, and do it quickly and easily

Reach More Audiences

With translation to multiple languages possible, you can spread your message far and wide

Save Time, Save Costs

Make updates and changes to the audio on your video ads, without needing to re-record VoiceOver

Enjoy targeting possibilities

Adthos allows the creation of scripts with data insertions for dynamic video ads for truly tailored experiences

Experience how it works

Powering up your multimedia campaign with Adthos for video couldn’t be simpler.

Choose your Source

Simply import videos from file, platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, or file-sharing websites to the platform.

Split Audio and Video

Adthos allows you to isolate and separate the audio track from the video to enable editing.

Create Script

Using advanced Speech to Text technology, Adthos generates a script which can then be edited, or even translated into multiple languages. You can also upload, or ask Adthos to generate an entirely new script.

Generate Audio Track

Adthos utilises text-to-speech in combination with one of the platform's high quality voices to generate a whole new audio track.

Seamlessly Reintegrate Audio

Quickly and easily reintegrate the newly generated audio back into the video track and play out!

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