Self-Serve AI Audio Ads

Supercharge Your Ad Sales with AI

Utilizing more than a dozen AI technologies, Adthos gives you the power to generate complete high-quality audio ads from start to finish – and play them out.


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The Adthos Platform empowers publishers and advertisers to captivate audiences using state-of-the-art AI and synthetic voice technology.

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Branded Self-Serve Portal

Offer your customers a true self-serve ad-creation platform, complete with your own branding.

Out-of-the box integrations

Instant integration with radio automation systems and ad-servers for immediate creative playout

Unrivalled Voice Quality

Adthos’ own library offers 100’s of hand-picked and trained high quality AI voices

Enjoy Multiple Benefits

The Adthos platform opens up world of possibilities in creativity, efficiency and opportunity to grow revenue. The only limit is your imagination…

Support Longtail Revenue

Enables efficient micro transactions to maximise long tail revenue streams.

Save Costs, Save Time

High quality audio ads generated in a fraction of the time of a traditional setup.

Superior Targeting

Generate multiple versions of your ad based on any number of data sets.

Serve your Customers Better

Provide your customers with the control and convenience of a self-service portal.

Experience how it works

Below we outline the steps to creating your 100% AI-Generated Audio Ad with Adthos. Ask for a demo to discover more about further personalisation via branded voices, music and sound effects.

Tell Your Story

After logging into the Self-Service Portal, Adthos’ simple and intuitive briefing form captures your company and other key information to generate the script, alongside the creative elements you want to consider – voice, music and sound effects.

Adthos gets to work...

Using more than a dozen AI technologies, Adthos generates a creative script with your key information messages, adding AI voices, music and sound effects based on your wishes before generating a first version of your audio ad for review.

Just Right?

Review your ad and make any adjustments you want to the script or other aspects of the ad you want to change using Adthos’ easy-to-use interface. Request any updates to creative audio elements to create the ad you want.


Once you’re happy with the ad, Adthos generates the final version ready for playout. It really is that simple!

Engage and Inspire!

It's time: set your ad free to engage and inspire via Adthos’ integrations with radio automation system or ad-server.

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