Adthos for News

Voice Technology to Revolutionize News Broadcasts

Adthos streamlines news content integration, providing instant, high-quality audio for news, weather, traffic, and sports. For a taste of the possibilities, check out our Adthos for News Demo page.


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The Adthos Platform empowers publishers and advertisers to captivate audiences using state-of-the-art AI and synthetic voice technology.

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Unparalleled Voice Quality

Utilize Adthos’ collection of custom created top-notch News Content voices or incorporate your own talent.

Integration Made Simple

Quickly connect to playout platforms for immediate content streaming.

Language Barrier Breaker

Swiftly localize your script to captivate audiences across different languages.

Enjoy Amazing Advantages

Users of Adthos for News can access a wealth of advantages in presenting weather, traffic, and sports content.

Rapid Content Procurement

Direct newsroom integration allows you to easily gather weather, traffic, and sports updates from around the globe, complete with clips and quotes.

Expand and Engage Your Audience

Access content from various sources and translate it into multiple languages to connect with a broader audience using relevant material.

Top-notch Vocal Quality

The platform's advanced synthetic voice technology delivers natural and professional-sounding news content, preserving the trustworthiness that audiences demand from news providers.

Budget-friendly Solution

Automate content creation in less time using the platform's built-in voices or by synthesizing your newsreader's voice.

Experience how it works

Produce high-quality, credible news content in just a few steps

Define Your Source

Select the newsroom services and other sources you wish to use, defining location and any other parameters.

Generate your content

Adthos utilises more than a dozen AI technologies to integrate news into your audio, including placing relevant clips and quotes.

Select voices

Use one of Adthos’ ready-made news specific voices or bring your own talent to automate the generation of the audio track.


With direct integrations with radio playout systems, Adthos lets you have your news on the air at a moment's notice.

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