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Creative Studio

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create high quality advertising on the go with innovative text-to-speech and synthetic voice technology

Collaborate online with your advertisers to produce powerful targeted ads that combine music, live recording and synthetic voices.

With all the production capabilities you would expect from a digital audio workstation, Adthos Creative Studio instantly produces high quality audio advertising with superior targeting for your audience and data insights that will keep you advertisers happy.

Hearing is believing

Now with a month’s free trial. Sign up for the chance to experience and utilize the full potential of text-to-speech and synthetic voice technology to create broadcast-quality audio advertising on-the-go.


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Innovative text-to-speech and synthetic voice technology for broadcast-quality audio advertising. Fast, flexible, and powerfully targeted.


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Advanced Technical Capabilities

Bring audio to life with comprehensive audio mixing tools including trimming, compressors and more.

Superior Voice Packages

Choose from over 40 voices: AI voices, professional voice actors or even Emmy award-winning talent.

Targeted Advertising

Advanced geotargeting and dynamic data insertions – the right advert, in the right place, at the right time. Every time.

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Adthos Creative StudioHearing is believing

Experience  Adthos Creative Studio with a month’s free trial. Like what you hear? Creative Studio subscriptions start at an unbelievable $49.95/month.

What are you waiting for?